There are many registrations required in India for different businesses, ifany business not follow as per Act in India, then it will increase legalize and penalize cost for their businesses.What we do: We will help you over this byproviding you suitable registration and give you consultancy that any liability arises for your business or not. There are some question which we resolve should you go for any registration or not? If possible then, how to remove legal act over your business.

1) Important One's :

GST Registration

Rs. 1,999/-

TAN Registration

Rs. 999/-

MSME Registration

Rs. 1,999/-

Import Export Code

Rs. 3,999 (inclusive of 1 DSC)

EPF Registration

Rs. 14,999/-

ESI Registration


Labour Law

Rs. 3,999/-

Shop Establishment Registration

Rs. 4,999/-

12AA and 80G for Societies

39,999/- (Documentation Charges)

2) Other One's :

PAN Card

Rs. 249/-


Rs. 999/-

FCRA Registration

Rs. 14,999/-



Digital Signature (DSC)

Class II - Rs. 999/- Class III – Rs. 4499/-